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Programs and other things I made for the Strike Fighters series of flight simulators/games. All put here for anyone who has good use for it. See Combat Ace for news, discussions and downloads related to these games.

HFD/TFD ICELAND Terrain for Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic
Remake of the Stock Direct-X 10 Lod based terrain, but in the classic HFD/TFD format.
- A natural looking texture tileset, being a blend of ThirdWire's, gerwin/GB's and Stary's work.
- Gives High framerates and requires only a short loading time.
- Better low altitude radar evasion behaviour compared to the stock terrain.
- Shorelines and Lakes.
- Towns, millions of trees and even geysers (last two are made by Stary).
- As the target locations are unchanged, the campaign remains 100% functional.
- Seemingly windows XP compatible with a merged install.
- Works with any Strike Fighters Game; Wings over Vietnam, Europe, Isreal etc.
- Includes some toned-down textures for the SF2NA Iceland buildings and trees.
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TFDtool - Updated 08-'22
This tool will allow you to explore most aspects of terrains for the Third Wire Productions "Strike Fighters" flight simulator series.
- The TileMap with textures.
- The HeightMap.
- The Targets placement, with stock airfield preview images. (no direct editing)
- The Movement Routes. (no direct editing)
Allows zoom levels ranging 1 pixel per tile to 1024 pixels per tile, and generation of game-ready planning maps and water maps.
To get going with this you need to use either Catpack or the Third-Wire cat extractor, and convert any extracted unicode textfiles to simple ANSI format.
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Vehicles for Strike Fighters 1 and 2

Drag and drop ground vehicle addons for SF. All models are setup to move and fire. They will appear in either a Green or a Tan texture, depending on the terrain. The models are framerate friendly and have several 'distance lods'.

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee, is a four-wheel drive military automobile produced by AM General. In US army service from 1984–present. Now exported to over 60 countries.
The M1 Abrams is an American third-generation main battle tank. In US army service from 1980 to present. Since it replaced the M60A3 Tank in 1997 it is the sole Main Battle Tank in US service. It has been exported to 5 other countries.

The BRDM-2 is an amphibious armoured patrol car used by Russia and the former Soviet Union.

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A Strike Fighters .cat archive extractor and packer. There used to be skypats extractor for SF1, then this Catpack tool which for a while was the only one able to unpack SF2 archives. It unfortunately cannot extract the new cat format introduced in march 2011. The game publisher offers its own extractor now, which can extract most of the files, although some files remain locked on purpose.

Various smaller SF modifications by me
All hosted on CombatAce, which is much appreciated. The mods are listed in order of date, with the most recent projects first. Beware that some things are now incompatible with SF2 or already included in SF1/SF2. Most mods rely on stock or 3rd-party models, which are not included. All credits to the makers of these models.
Mercenary Sand Skins, for the nation of paran (Fictional):

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